Targeting and delivering cost savings direct to your P&L


The aim of ARO Procurement is to support SME and large companies within hospitality and other sectors to deliver savings, consolidate supply chains and maximise value for money without the cost of having a full time resource on the payroll.

Everything we do is underpinned with our core values of Integrity, Trust and Transparency.

The 80/20 rules suggests that you get 80 percent of the value out of something from 20 percent of the information or effort. 

ARO Procurement gets things done to help deliver your 80 percent quickly and efficiently.


ARO Procurement offers retainer and one-off project based clients a full range of services to help companies deliver savings to the bottom line.

Services available include:

*Fixtures, Fittings & Equipment and Operating Supplies & Equipment



Alastair Roy, has spent more than 20 years working in procurement leadership roles for companies including Stakis Hotels, Apex Hotels and Gleneagles.

With a proven track record of delivering outstanding performance in diverse and complex business environments to create savings and efficiencies across multiple direct and indirect spend categories.​

Based in Edinburgh and available for assignments in Scotland and the rest of the UK.



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